Friday, January 15, 2010

So Far Behind!

Thanks to Custom Crops for the really easy to follow pattern, I made this dust cover for my Cricut Expression. If you go to you can find it in the projects files. It is a pattern you can download and print. You just tape it together and they even have a series of 6 YouTube videos for more detailed instructions. I did take it a step further by making two identical covers and placing right sides together then sewing 1/2 " from the bottom all around leaving a 2" opening in the back so I could turn it. Instead of sewing a edge at the bottom I am leaving it as is until I get a chance to go shopping for some spectacular trim. Even though I have a ton here I just didn't find anything that spoke to me. I will be posting a bunch of stuff hopefully getting myself back on track. Christmas projects just took over my life and let my blogging go. Being a new year, well you guys know where I am going with that!


  1. This is next on my too do list. I've already printed the pattern! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Well thanks! I found some pretty trim to dress it up and when I am done I will add it to my blog. Rachel has me going on a new project, a Gypsy bag. I found some really cool stuff tonight to use. I think I already have a pattern that will work. Off to play!