Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They are a real TREAT!

Adorable sums it up but you know that I can't stop there! This is my layout #42 for http://www.52sketches52weeks.com/. I dressed
my cooperative girls and headed outside to shoot some pictures. We have finally had some relief from the melting hot summer weather, so going outside was a real treat. I sat in the grass trying to get the best shots. They ran and played like spastic children. When I first found the little witch costume I knew it had to be had for my naughty little Ladybug. The elegant and graceful princess costume was perfect for my calm and sweet Butterfly. I know I am lucky they allow me to play with them like they are my dolls. What really surprised me was after I took the costumes off and placed them on the ground, they both started scooting their heads under the hats as if wanting to try each other's on. I wish I had been taking video of that!

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  1. ok we all know how i feel about dogs but those 2 are 2 freaking cute and of course as always your page is great..