Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

This has always been tough to make a Mother's Day card for anyone other than my mom. I lost her six years ago and even though the pain does ease with time, days like this bring it to the front of my thoughts. I try to focus on all the good memories instead of thinking about her health issues that robbed her and us too of the woman we once knew. For the last 11 years of her life she had strokes, TIAs and her memory was slipping away. She was a wonderful mom and such a good person. She taught school, mostly 4Th grade and I was even blessed to be her student for my 4Th grade. It was strange figuring out what to call her. Mrs. Davenport?, no too formal, Mom or mommy, well that was too personal and embarrassing! Hey teacher?, rude! So most of the time I just held up my hand till she called on me. She worked hard as a teacher, always bringing home papers to grade, her lesson plans had to be all written out and she was getting more and more disgusted with all the red tape involved. She would really be disgusted now! I loved to hear her stories at the dinner table from her day at school. She would make us all giggle at things that happened.
One major thing my mother taught me well was how to shop! She was a bargain hunter. She loved to shop for clothes more than anything else. In high school I remember a big lesson she taught me. I would beg for the latest, coolest things that were over priced. She would always head for the clearance racks and sale items. I complained about what I wanted until she finally agreed to give me a clothes allowance. I felt victorious! I think I got $25 bucks a week, which sounded great until I realized it didn't go very far at all. I also realized too that she spent way more on me when she was the one helping to pick things out. I then decided the allowance wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. By the time I was a Sophomore I had job and most of my money went toward my clothes but I spent it carefully. This is now a tradition I taught my daughter, Kassie. She goes straight for that clearance rack. This weekend we went shopping and she found a pair of jeans at Hot Topic that fit her so perfectly, a size 3! They were reduced down several times and were just $6.00. She found a bathing suit that she looks amazing in for $20 bucks. I am proud of being able to give her skills that my mom gave me. I know mom would be proud of Kassie. Thank God Kassie had time to love her DeeDee and be able to remember the many shopping trips the three of us took. She loved to spoil Kassie with clothes. We miss you DeeDee but not for the shopping, for your wonderful love you gave us. I feel you with me especially when getting that "good deal"! You have my love always Mom. This Day was to honor you and I do, always.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


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