Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Feel Good! nanna nanna nanna nant! (james brown)

I attempted to enter the Oh My Crafts contest last night. You who know me understand that anything having to do with the computer wigs me out! So it takes a lot to get the courage to try something new. I posted and followed the instructions then checked the blog to see if it worked. I then found that I had to wait for the moderator to approve it. So I didn't get a chance until a few minutes ago to see if it worked. Much to my surprise.....It was a success! I am proud of me, even a small step and an really easy task for most, I don't care.....I did it! whoot!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh My Crafts

Here is a card I made for my good friend's daughter to celebrate her graduating High School. Taylor and her twin brother were home schooled by their Mom their entire education. She is a super mom in my book. They are both wonderful young people with careers ahead of them. Way to go my friend Marilynn. Great job! (I purchased the Hello Kitty Greatings cartridge by Cricut from Oh My Crafts, an online supplier. They have great prices and are one of the best stores for good prices and dependable customer service. They are having a random drawing that you can also enter. Go to their blog and check out the instructions to enter. Good luck)

I have a new background!

Last night I tried following the simple directions Rachel gave me to give my blog a "scrap book layout" look. I boldly worked and worked. It seemed easy enough but for some reason I was just not getting anywhere so I finally gave up and went to bed.

Today, with a little more patients I won! It might not be exactly what I wanted but close enough! I thought I might post a picture of a card I made recently.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Chi-ildren!

This is really just a trial run to see if I can post a picture....These are my chi-ildren.....They are the subject of many of my layouts. There is two dresser drawers stuffed full of their clothes. I do enjoy dressing them, taking pictures and featuring them in my scrap pages. They are quite compliant....except this time. I found these cute little Valentine sweaters at Jo-Ann's. Came home and put them right on. It was still chilly outside but when they returned from doing their business they were naked! They had somehow gotten out of the new sweaters and they were not found until days later by my neighbor Deven. I think they felt guilty when I put them back on because they gladly wore them for days! I have many times thought how much fun it would have been to see them biting and pulling at each others sweater. "Hey, wanna bury them??" I thought surely some squirrels were up in a tree running back and forth letting all their friends see them in their fine sweaters!

I have taken the big step......

Here goes.....Tonight I took the first step at creating this blog. I have thought about doing it for a good while but fear of failure and having to ask for too much help has kept me from even starting. I had a little push today because a friend on my local scrap group asked who had a blog and suggested we have a list so we could follow each other. Well now I couldn't be out of the loop on that!!! So thanks for lighting my fire!

Disclaimer: Follow at your own risk as your eyes may blur from the length of my posts...Yes, I can type just as much as I can run my mouth!