Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sewing Projects....

I know I have been blogging about my scrap booking cards and layouts but today I want to show off my first two sewing projects made with my new Singer 2010 Sewing Machine. I researched what kind of machine I wanted that was affordable but realized this was such a huge range of features compared to costs and companies. When HSN featured this model complete with lots of accessories I decided to let this be "the one". I will admit I have second guessed my decision several times. Getting use to all the bells and whistles has not come easy for me. My first project was these pajama shorts. A very simple pattern. I decided I would just start with something really easy and I am glad I did. It had been so long since sewing any clothing item I was nervous about sizing. I knew the measurements don't really give an accurate description of how the actual item turns out when completed. So I went on the cautious side and used the larger size. Well lets just say they are REALLY comfortable! I love the owl patterned fabric and laugh at how things that were popular in the 70s have become popular nearly 40 years later? As for the second project I decided to make this apron. Everyone that knows me will not be surprised at my selection of black and hot pink for my colors. This too was an easy pattern but I ran into a serious problem with my machine tension when I rethreaded my machine with pink thread for top stitching the ric rac. I spent hours trouble shooting the problem. I finally gave up last night about 2:30 am. I decided it was one of those times I needed to step away and come back when I was rested. I even searched the web for help. I re-threaded it, filled a new bobbin, tried different settings and just was ready to toss it out the window (OK not really but had decided I would probably have to mail it back in cause I had a lemon) when I finally found my problem. There is a VERY specific way you have to load the bobbin thread and once I had that done it started sewing like a charm. So now my apron is finished and I am really happy with it. I will now have to make one for Thanksgiving and Christmas and probably all other holidays because we all know how much I like to decorate for the holidays. And there are so many different cute apron patterns. How about aprons for the chihuahuas? Naw, nobody likes little hairs in their food! ewwwww :)


  1. oh i want one of those fancy aprons!!!

  2. Awesome job! You need to sell those on Etsy!