Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Newest Layout Of My Children

All I think that needs to be said is are they adorable or what? I really enjoyed this layout. Once again I created it based on a sketch from www.52sketches52weeks.com. This is week 33 and I had decided that I would use one of my favorite pictures I have of my children. I took this and about a million others trying to get the perfect shot to use for our Christmas cards last year. It
was at this moment that I figured out what gets their attention for the camera. It is a squeaky hot dog! It and any other nice and noisy toy will take their eyes right in its direction. It has made taking their pictures a whole bunch easier. I use to have lots of pictures with one looking at me and the other off in another direction. Also there were lots of their butts as they turned and darted off. All I want to do is capture their precious little faces so I will always have them preserved for enjoying. Now they don't seem to mind and actually I think they kind of like it! I tell them all the time to "be nice to your sissy!" They play fight and sometimes just plain FIGHT but before long they are curled up kissing on one another. They are the best of friends and I am really glad we have both of them. And spoiled I don't think is a strong enough word, maybe adored and cherished might say it better. Sam and I both love them like crazy!


  1. Too cute! Several questions...did you make the flowers or are they chipboard and what did you use to put the words "spoiled rotten" on the tag? Wish I could have some Saturday night...I have a few things I want you to show me!


  2. The flowers are a combination of the pattern paper I used and just used a circle punch and then layered with another scalloped punch. The solid flower is from a Quickutz die but it is basically just different sized scallopes. Of course I used a little bling on the top of each flower. I used thick Zots to raise them up a bit. As for the saying "spoiled rotten". It is embossed with a pink powder on black paper. The stamp is from a dog set I have but couldn't tell you who they are made by. I have all my stamps on clear storage sheets. Yes, I wish you could have made to the crop, we had fun and ate like pigs! I am home most of the time so don't hesitate to call. (979) 345-5936 and if you just want to come scrap some day gimme a call! I still have over 5 weeks to fill my days with before Sam is home :(

  3. I love this layout! Want to make one for my chihuahua.