Saturday, February 27, 2010

Personalizing our laptops!

I haven't cut much from Vinyl but when my daughter bought her new laptop Thursday I decided to decorate it for her. She is 21 but just like her mom, she loves fun stuff like Hello Kitty. I used the silhouette image to make the cuts simple. The font is also from Hello Kitty. "Blackrose" is her screen name (it's a Goth thing...) After how happy we were with hers I decided I needed to personalize my own. Not much thought needed to plan it because I had to have butterflies! From my Gypsy I found various butterflies in my cartridge library. Sam saw me putting the pearls and rhinestones on and suggested they might fall off since this is my travel laptop. I must have my bling so if they come off I will just put more on....As for "Fun Sized", it is a little term Sam uses to describe me being so short. I used Storybook cartridge for the font. Now that I have the settings figured out for cutting vinyl, I have quite a few projects spinning around in my head. Stay tuned!

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