Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Just a quick little announcement to share with my pals. I entered a contest (random drawn) with Facebook challenge. It had instructions to find a Valentine quote on their blog and email it to Lana at Oh My Crafts. I just got an email saying I was one of three people chosen. It is for an idea book and some embellishments (which I am sure will be nice to get) but more than anything it was just a wonderful surprise to come home to today. My husband and I took my father to a doctor's appointment. Not the most fun thing to do but we made the most of it, as we always do. Thank you OH MY CRAFTS, I love your online store. This just made my day! :)


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  2. Fantastic! I'm glad someone I know won something. I never win any of the things I enter! LOL!


  3. Well I decided that I can't win something if I don't enter!!! I am trying to use as an inspiration to get some cards built up for my stash! I have a child hood friend I have recently connected with that I am going to send this to (just not yet cause I want to look at it a little longer! Anyone else ever feel that way about their cards they make? Somestimes they are hard to let go of!)