Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Muffins! Oh my goodness this was tedious!

Wow, this pattern for this pin cushion looked so easy. It only involved three pattern pieces. I had looked at the direction page before I bought the pattern. It seemed relatively easy. I even decided I would make one for my pal Rachel. So I cut them both out at the same time. I went ahead and finished one so I could take it to her tomorrow if I get a chance to see her. I am heading to Friendswood with my daughter to take her to her Dr's appointment. I know the picture doesn't show the detail of the muffin cup but it has many little tiny tucks sewn into it. The directions for the lace and the trim around the cup were to be hot glued on. I didn't like that because I felt it would make putting the pins in a strategic. So I hand sewed it on. Not a big deal but just took a little time and I know it is much more of a functioning pin cushion now. Anyways I will now sew the other one but not tonight! Rachel, just know I love you my friend!


  1. OMG!! Too cute I love it!! You are so wonderful!

  2. that is way to cute. i am thinking i might pull out my machine you have been doing so many cute things, naw i barley have time for the things i do do. that would just be more. lol