Sunday, September 6, 2009

Doggies have new "Sack Beds"

As promised, I posted the little bed sacks I made for my little chi-children. These were super easy to make and I believe they are a huge hit. They are fleece on the outside and flannel on the inside. Completely machine washable so I may have to make another set if the girls get as attached to them as I think they will. I put them on the couch when I got finished and they knew right away they were theirs. I also carried them in the sacks right to my scrap room so they could hang out with me. Then when time for bed I brought them with me. Lady bug normally sleeps under the covers by my feet. If I move sometimes she growls and even has bitten at my toes! lol She is a bit of a grumble bug at times but we can't hold that against her. She didn't have the most stable home before we got her. She is so loving most of the time! So last night she slept in her new bed right up next to my chest (sorry Sam, I know that is YOUR spot!) As for Butterfly, she slept part of the night by my feet. I believe she felt sneaky since she was in her sister's spot. But by early this morning I pulled her up and in to her sack and she turned around and around then was snugly happy. I won't apologize for the love I feel for these girls, I am just grateful to have their love and companionship.

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