Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Chi-ildren!

This is really just a trial run to see if I can post a picture....These are my chi-ildren.....They are the subject of many of my layouts. There is two dresser drawers stuffed full of their clothes. I do enjoy dressing them, taking pictures and featuring them in my scrap pages. They are quite compliant....except this time. I found these cute little Valentine sweaters at Jo-Ann's. Came home and put them right on. It was still chilly outside but when they returned from doing their business they were naked! They had somehow gotten out of the new sweaters and they were not found until days later by my neighbor Deven. I think they felt guilty when I put them back on because they gladly wore them for days! I have many times thought how much fun it would have been to see them biting and pulling at each others sweater. "Hey, wanna bury them??" I thought surely some squirrels were up in a tree running back and forth letting all their friends see them in their fine sweaters!

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